The Power of Networks

The ability to lead is directly affected by the networks you build.

As a leader, you achieve success — for yourself and your organization — not only because of your abilities, knowledge, and skills, but also through your relationships with others. The networks you build affect how you share and receive new ideas. They provide opportunities — and place constraints on your actions. Networks help you locate resources and information outside your routine interactions.

Connections give leaders an edge. And not having the right networks can derail your path to success.

Effectively building, maintaining, and leveraging networks is critical for any leader who is concerned about influencing without authority, leading within a matrixed environment, and creating effective cooperation in complex situations.

As a participant, you will:

  • Discover the three principles that make an effective leadership network: structural diversity, critical boundaries, and strong ties.
  • Learn about the most common network traps and derailment factors leaders face at different levels within the organization.
  • Explore the results of your leadership network diagnostic, outlining steps on how to make simple yet significant changes to your leadership network.

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