You have great ideas — but do you have the Influence to make them happen? Influence is defined as “the interpersonal behaviors that we use to have a positive impact on another party’s choices.” Grasping this crucial competency will make you a more effective leader, regardless of your rank or title.

Finding Your Influence Voice – event details

Keynote Presentations

Keynote Presentation

In this presentation, you’ll gain insight into your personal Influence style and discover how to take action even when you don’t have the authority over resources. Plus, you’ll learn how to use your Influence Voice, to strengthen relationships, both professionally and personally.

We speak.

  • 1-hour presentation, delivered by a CCL speaker at your event location – or virtually
  • Pricing starts at $10,000
  • Nonprofit clients may be eligible for a discount
Interactive Workshops

Interactive Workshop

This interactive workshop will help you understand the components of Influence, including self-awareness and gaining buy-in from others. You’ll learn how effective Influence enables leaders and organizations to build and sustain positive momentum and achieve successful outcomes.

As a participant, you will:

  • Understand why Influence is important.
  • Articulate your personal Influence strengths and developmental gaps.
  • Appreciate the components of effective Influence.

We facilitate.

  • Half-day or full day, interactive workshop conducted by a CCL facilitator at your event location
  • Pricing starts at $17,500 for a half-day and $25,000 for a full day
  • Nonprofit clients may be eligible for a discount
Lead-it-Yourself Workshops

Lead-It-Yourself Workshop

CCL’s Influence: The Business of Getting Things Done workshop kit includes these key components:

  • Self-Assessment: start with looking at yourself.
  • Deliberately build a foundation with others.
  • Influence others by involving them.
  • Influence others by connecting with them at an emotional level.
  • Build and sustain momentum.

You facilitate.

  • You conduct your own workshop using one of CCL’s popular workshop kits
  • We’ll send you everything you need to succeed