The current view of change is the same across many organizations: employees see it as inevitable and constant. And not surprisingly, as explored in CCL’s guidebook, Responses to Change: Helping People Manage Transition, people often resist it.

Leading Individuals Through Change – event details

Keynote Presentations

Keynote Presentation

In this presentation, you’ll gain insight to help your organization successfully embrace, understand and navigate change. Plus, you’ll examine underlying causes for resistant behavior – so you can productively manage negative reactions if they occur.

We speak.

  • 1-hour presentation, delivered by a CCL speaker at your event location – or virtually
  • Pricing starts at $10,000
  • Nonprofit clients may be eligible for a discount
Interactive Workshops

Interactive Workshop

Most leaders experience increasing levels of change in themselves, work, teams, organizations and markets. This interactive workshop will equip you with proven approaches to understand and lead change, while assessing your individual and team’s change leadership capabilities.

As a participant, you will:

  • Identify emotional responses to change
  • Identify personal approaches to strengthen resilience
  • Leverage your role to enhance your team’s approach to change

We facilitate.

  • Half-day or full day, interactive workshop conducted by a CCL facilitator at your event location
  • Pricing starts at $17,500 for a half-day and $25,000 for a full day
  • Nonprofit clients may be eligible for a discount
Lead-it-Yourself Workshops

Lead-It-Yourself Workshop

CCL’s Leading People through Change workshop kit arms your organization with the tools to:

  • Drive progress on a real change you are currently leading.
  • Explore and manage your own change preferences.
  • Understand and recognize the process of change and transition.
  • Leverage the power of CCL’s 3 Cs of change – Communication, Collaboration, and Commitment.
  • Identify and collaborate with stakeholders during change.
  • Apply key lessons to any organizational change challenge.

You facilitate.

  • You conduct your own workshop using one of CCL’s popular workshop kits
  • We’ll send you everything you need to succeed