Do these organizational pain points sound familiar to you?

  • Managing performance more effectively day-to-day
  • Communicating with a multi-generational workforce
  • Engaging and retaining talent
  • Becoming more agile and making better decisions
  • Moving away from command-and-control leadership

The solution begins with better conversations every day, from the front desk to the corner office.

Better Conversations Every Day – event details

Keynote Presentations

Keynote Presentation

This presentation focuses on the power of everyday conversations to create immediate and visible transformation. You’ll discover what’s possible when everyone, from the receptionist to the CEO, is equipped with four, core behaviors for better conversations.

We speak.

  • 1-hour presentation, delivered by a CCL speaker at your event location – or virtually
  • Pricing starts at $10,000
  • Nonprofit clients may be eligible for a discount
Interactive Workshops

Interactive Workshop

This interactive workshop arms your entire organization with innovative coaching skills. You’ll explore how to increase the amount of positive feedback and empower conversations to grow engagement, promote psychological safety, and help avoid triggering a threat response.

As a participant, you will:

  • Learn and apply four, core coaching behaviors.
  • Discover CCL’s model that unlocks collaboration and understanding while minimizing resistance.
  • Focus on solving real workplace challenges, proving these solutions work in real time.

We facilitate.

  • Half-day or full day, interactive workshop conducted by a CCL facilitator at your event location
  • Pricing starts at $17,500 for a half-day and $25,000 for a full day
  • Nonprofit clients may be eligible for a discount