Innovative Leadership is a Competitive Advantage

Your organization can only compete as well as it can innovate. Does innovation come slowly? Is it confined to just one corner of your company? Does the quality of your new ideas lag behind those your competitors are implementing? CCL can help.

Innovation is not an accident, and it’s not something done by just a few individuals. Innovative organizations have cultures where people can easily share ideas across the organization. They also have systems and processes to help them identify and implement the best new ideas. A culture of innovation, and the systems that support innovation, are made possible by leadership.  CCL knows more about leadership than anyone else in the world.

What we do

Working with your organization, we can create an innovation strategy and help establish a culture that makes it easier and faster to discover and share innovative solutions, and put the best ones into action.

Our process

Our approach has distinct phases, with distinct measurable outcomes.

  • Situational awareness and plan development aligned with your business strategy.
  • Influencer engagement and new culture engagement.
  • Measurement and assessment of new innovative culture, practice and systems.

Maybe you’ve already started the process, but are disappointed with the results. Talk to us.  We’ll meet you where you are.

The results of innovative leadership

Our research has shown that innovation doesn’t happen by accident. Rather, innovative organizations exhibit specific, predictable behaviors.  By working with CCL, your organization will see transformation in these ways:

  • Innovation efforts are clearly tied to organizational strategy and include metrics for success.
  • Leaders, managers and employees are equipped to generate new ideas and think and work collaboratively.
  • The organization’s culture balances tensions that arise between running the current business while exploring ways of transforming that business.
  • Leaders formally support innovation by creating systems and processes that reward risk-taking, creativity and innovation.


For more than four decades CCL has been focusing on how culture and leadership create the conditions under which innovation flourishes. Our approach has been applied and tested in organizations of all types and sizes around the world. Your employees already have ideas.  CCL can help your organization find and unleash the best ones in a sustainable, strategic way.