Leadership Coaching services are increasingly being recognized as the way for both organizations and individuals to improve performance and efficiently reach their respective goals and objectives. The Center for Creative Leadership executive coaching packages are designed to meet the ongoing individual or organizational developmental needs of your executives.

Our Approach:

  • Discovery process to create alignment on objectives, scope and establish fit between the coach and the coachee.
  • A custom assessment package that typically includes personality and style surveys, 360-degree feedback instruments and telephone interviews with selected work colleagues.
  • In-person feedback and goal-setting sessions.
  • May include a boss-alignment session between the coach, coachee, and the supervisor to cement agreement on developmental goals.
  • Ongoing coaching utilizing a variety of media that could include: telephone, in-person, video, or on-line contact.
  • On-site observations – shadowing – can be included in the assessment or coaching phase.

CCL can design a wide range of coaching packages to suit different needs and challenges faced at all levels within an organization or at various industries / market sectors.

Connect with us and email ccl.apac@ccl.org to begin a coaching experience with CCL.