You know training, CCL knows leadership.

Grow your impact, increase your revenue and build your reputation as a provider that delivers results.

Lead 4 Success™ moves leaders from average to high performing by developing the four fundamental skills (self-awareness, learning agility, influence and communication) that leaders at any level need to master for success.

This program provides you an entirely new pathway for you to grow your training business. Whether you are looking to extend your work with a current client or win new clients, the Lead 4 Success program gives you CCL’s successful leader training formula. With this strong foundation and flexibility, you will bring tested leadership development practices to leaders in your market.

Partnership Benefits

A CCL partnership brings an abundance of additional benefits to the relationship, including:

  • A world class brand name in leadership. A trustworthy brand in partnerships
  • Consistent Top 5 ranking in Financial Times Executive Education Survey
  • Programs and products with 45 years of proven success in delivering what they promise
  • Ongoing research that continues to challenge, define and redefine leadership development
  • Global reach, working with organizations from over 130 countries annually
  • Opportunity to translate content to better respond to local market needs
  • Regular product updates to insure the latest and greatest content and experience
  • Your Success is Our Success: multiple support resources available from CCL
  • Possibility to get exclusivity in your market to set you apart from your competition
  • Long term vision, opportunities to strengthening the collaboration and networking between our organizations.
  • Membership into a Network of CCL Licensees to share best practices for delivery, sales and marketing, getting access to a variety of extra benefits such as accessing readily available CCL products at retailer price.

How to License

A typical partner to license Lead 4 Success is a training company with proven success in their home market.

CCL’s affiliates have the following qualities:

  • Character – people and organizations who are trustworthy and have integrity
  • Competence – more than just business competence, our partners have experience in the training industry
  • Financial Stability – our affiliates have the resources to invest in growing their business
  • Market Presence – our partners have a strong presence in the territory they represent and are well-integrated into their local markets
  • Long term partnership vision

Exclusive Licensee

  • The sole representative of CCL’s Lead 4 Success™ program in a specific business segment(s) and/or industry sector(s) in the territory as identified by CCL.

Non Exclusive Distributor

  • A non-exclusive representative of CCL’s Lead 4 Success™ program who can use, market, promote and deliver the program in specific business segments or industry sectors in the territory as identified by CCL.

Licensees of the Lead 4 Success program are provided with a turn-key program that is easy to implement including:

  • Train-the-Trainer and Master Trainer Certification that teach CCL’s developmental philosophy as well as the best practices on teaching CCL’s Fundamental 4 leader skills
  • Lead 4 Success marketing playbook to set you up for success right away
  • Facilitator Guide supporting trainers with step-by-step instructions
  • Online assessments that provide critical insight into the 16 sub-skills in Lead 4 Success
  • Complete, ready-to-use Participant Materials in English with options for translation and localization
  • Lead 4 Success: Learn the Essentials of True Leadership book by Dr. George Hallenback
  • Membership into a Network of Licensees to share best practices for delivery, sales and marketing

Additional program level support is available from CCL’s Licensing Director and faculty.

Spend a week with CCL’s Master Certified Trainers. During the week, you will attend the:

  • Lead 4 Success program to experience the program as a participant and engage with the content as a learner. (2 days)
  • Train-the-Trainer program to learn CCL’s Philosophy, best practices for delivery then you teach course modules and receive feedback from CCL. (3 days)

Once back home there will be additional requirements to earn your “Trainer Certification” or your “Master Certification”.

Explore the Program

Lead 4 Success™ is a robust, 2-day training program representing the essence of the CCL’s leadership content. Using our time-tested approach to leadership development, it incorporates:

  • Experiential activities to learn through doing
  • A safe environment for all participants to try new behaviors
  • Peer-based learning and networking opportunities, and
  • Proven leadership models from CCL

lead_4_success_modelNo matter the intelligence, experience, or drive, there are four core skills that are important for every leader at every level. The Center for Creative Leadership calls them the Fundamental 4: self-awareness, learning agility, influence, and communication.

The Fundamental 4 have endured the test of time and are the basis for the Lead 4 Success™ program, where participants immerse themselves in development, adapt these skills to their own leadership contexts, participate with peers in  learning, and share ideas to apply to their leadership lessons to their real world.

  • Key Leadership Challenge: Real world application of fundamental four skills to a leadership challenge
  • Personal Leadership Map: Drives self-awareness and goal attainment throughout the program
  • Lead 4 Success Assessment: Benchmarks 80 behaviors across fundamental four skills and encourages reflection and increased self-awareness critical to leader development
  • Interactive Role Plays: Practice applying fundamental four skills with other leaders in realistic, challenging scenarios
  • Experiential Exercises: Learn more and faster using hands-on collaborative team activities to build self-awareness, learning agility, influence and communication
Day One
Leading Yourself
Day Two
Engaging Others
Self-Awareness: How do I use the principles of self-awareness to make conscious decisions about my leadership behaviour? 
Influence: How do I increase my leadership influence by building trust and leadership networks to lead others?
Learning Agility: How do I continuously seek, make sense of, internalize and apply lessons from a variety of resources? 
Communication: How do I use active listening, feedback and vision to provide sound direction, firm alignment, and dedicated commitment?