Mitigating Risks and Accelerating Transition

More than half of Fortune 500 companies provide some level of support for executives who take on a new role. Why? The stakes are high. Research has shown that 40% of internal and external executive new-hires fail or leave within the first 18 months in a new role, leading to lost time, increased costs and missed opportunities (Watkins, 2008).

CCL’s Executive Integration Program has been designed to help support new leaders reach full performance faster and mitigate the costs and risks associated with failure. Through Intensive one-on-one leadership coaching, Executive Integration accelerates systematic learning in situations of change and drives focused action.

Key Features

  • Intensive, Structured Approach lasting 6-9 months
  • Coach is Learning Expert and Accountability Partner
  • Leader maps out key stakeholders and gets their continuous feedback
  • Leader, Manager and HR/TM work closely with Coach; Coach also mentors Manager
  • Half-day Alignment building Team Workshop with Leader’s Direct Reports and Coach

CCL’s Approach to Executive Integration

executivecoachingThrough a coaching structure that contains diagnosing, planning, engaging, implementing, reassessing, and learning, the CCL Integration Model focuses on five Success Factors critical for leadership success:

  1. Job Scope and Organizational Role:Understanding and gaining clarity about the role, organization, scope of authority and responsibilities
  2. People: Establishing relationships with key stakeholders
  3. Culture: Learning the unwritten rules of behavior and communication within the new organizational context
  4. Expectations: Uncovering the hidden needs of stakeholders, the results they are anticipating and contracting appropriate deliverables and outcomes
  5. Contributions: Achieving early wins and exceeding short-term objectives

CCL coaches strive to include not just the Leader, but the entire system into each Executive Integration coaching. Manager, Coach, HR Business Partner and Stakeholders are all involved. A successful implementation will result in cleardirection, alignment and commitment as well as credibility, essential for new leaders. CCL’s research has indicated leadership is happening when these elements are present.

Executive Integration Program – The Schedule


  • CCL proposed two coach profiles. One is selected after best fit conversation.
  • Selected coach interviews HR and boss to understand what success can look like.
  • Coach has kick off session with Leader to explore expectations, discuss KPIs and define stakeholders.
  • Assessments are started.

Month 1:

  • Executive Coach interviews key stakeholders identified by Leader. Critical ares with immediate impact within a short time are identified.
  • Leader and Coach meet boss and key stakeholders to understand constraints, agendas, expectations for the role and person.
  • Leader establishes feedback relationships with key stakeholders and identifies clear, short-term objectives (usually an individual, team-focused and overall organizational goal.

Month 2 & 3:

  • Triad meeting is held enabling leader to enroll support for his/her ojbectives from the boss and HRBP.
  • Executive Coach has bi-monthly touch point meetings with the Leader to review progress. Leader interacts with key stakeholders formally and systematically, receiving feedback and feed-forward.
  • At end of Month 3, formal 90-day Assessment session is held with boss, HRBP and coach.

Month 4:

  • Executive Coach and Leader prepare and run a half-day workshop with his/her team with aim to accelerate/enhance collective understanding of individual and team needs as well as facilitate alighnment, transparency and effective working relationships.

Month 5 & 6:

  • Process remanins structured and consistent. Leader remains focused on goals and engaged with stakeholders.
  • Leader either continues to work with Executive Coach as accountabillitye partner, or with internal HR business partner woh can “stand up” to the executive effectively to manage the process.

Final Evaluation:

  • Coaching Evaluations Assessment (CEA) is administered to measure goal progress, perception of stakeholders around behavioural change, and overall outcome.

Depending on the sessions required, Executive Integration Coaching can range from S$20,000 and up.

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