Leadership Programs

Our world-renowned leadership training programs prepare leaders with the skillsets and mindsets needed to succeed.

Grounded in ongoing research and 50+ years of experience, our life-changing leadership training courses are among the best in the world.

Explore all our core leadership development training programs — or browse our programs by leader level or view specialized leadership courses. If you’re unsure, contact us for assistance in finding the right choice for you and your organization. 

Core Leadership Training Programs

We offer transformational leadership training programs, both in-person and in virtual program formats. Unsure what leadership development programs are right for you? View our offerings available for each leader level

Equip C-level executives to tackle challenges, excel in new ways, and drive organizational success while leading from the top in this exclusive, intensive leadership training program.

Give senior leaders of divisions or functions the Looking Glass® experience, a world-renowned business simulation only offered in this executive leadership program.

Grow the skills needed for leading from the middle with LDP. With over 100,000 alumni, it’s the longest-running leadership program in the world.

Support your high-potential managers of people and projects so they’re ready to succeed as they shift from leading themselves to leading others.

Scale development for your large populations of frontline and first-level managers with this leadership training program, offered as a moderated online course.

Develop and foster the fundamental 4 leadership skills essential for success in every role and career with this leadership training program focused on foundational skills.

Explore Our Leadership Programs by Leader Level

All of our leadership programs and courses are specifically tailored to the challenges faced and skills needed to succeed at each level of the organization — whether a leader is just starting out, managing from the middle, or running an entire organization:

Specialized Leadership Courses

Scale coaching skills across your entire organization and build a foundational feedback culture with our coaching conversations leadership training program.

Harness the power of 360° feedback with this certification course, a prerequisite to administer, interpret, and facilitate our portfolio of industry-leading leadership assessments.

Custom Leadership Training Programs: By Request Only

For all of our leadership programs, scale-up and volume pricing options may be available for organizations wishing to develop multiple leaders at once or run a full program on-site. You can also partner with us to co-create customized leadership training programs that hone the competencies needed to succeed in your organization’s unique context and culture.

Build skills in effective communication, giving feedback, and holding coaching conversations with this coach training program for leaders.

Support your team with our online resilience-building course. This engaging leadership program, offered by request only, will enable your leaders to burn bright, instead of burning out.

This APAC-based leadership training program helps develop the attributes and experiences Asian leaders need for leading globally so they can break the bamboo ceiling.

The Women’s Leadership Experience is a women-only leadership training program that can be customized to equip women in leadership roles with the skills needed to advance even further in your organization.

Advancing Technical Women is especially focused on retention and promotion of women with STEM expertise or at organizations in the tech industry. Designed by former women engineers, this leadership program supports women in rising to more senior roles.

Develop your senior leaders into strategic leaders in this special, London-based program.

Why Are CCL Leadership Programs & Courses the Best?

What makes our leadership development programs among the best in the world? All of our award-winning leadership training features: 

  • Personalized Attention: Both our in-person and virtual programs have high faculty-to-participant ratios and ensure a highly individualized focus.
  • Assessment Feedback: Many courses leverage 360 assessments to provide a full picture of current strengths and areas for future growth.
  • Research-Based: All content in our leadership programs is time-tested and informed by evidence, rigorous research, and our experience in the field.
  • Experiential Learning: Engaging, interactive activities and breakout sessions offer the chance to practice new behaviors and learn by doing.
  • Psychological Safety: An intentionally structured, feedback-rich environment allows for candid sharing, experimentation, and learning from mistakes.
  • Goal-Setting: Ample time is set aside for reflection to ensure a plan is developed for integrating lessons learned into everyday life after the program.
  • Peer Learning: Frequent interactions with others create opportunities for mutual support in discussing shared challenges and strengths.
  • Holistic Approach: Our leadership programs emphasize the importance of authenticity, value alignment, self-awareness, and whole-person wellbeing.
  • Skillsets & Mindsets: The learning experiences in our leadership training courses foster the skills, perspectives, and attitudes leaders need to succeed.
  • Ongoing Support: Continued learning, sustained support, and various CEUs, credits, and social media badges are offered to alumni of our programs.

We leverage our proven content, innovative instructional design, and world-class faculty to create high-impact, engaging virtual leadership programs, offered live online.

Design your own unique training by using timely topics for leadership development and combining them into a customized learning journey to engage your entire organization and enact real change.

Let’s Discuss Leadership Programs

Our experts are here to help. Let’s talk about how our leadership training programs can drive business results for your organization. We’d love to hear from you!

Leadership Training Programs: Research & Resources

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Watch this webinar to learn how to improve your organization’s employee engagement and retention by leveraging our portfolio of leadership training programs. Our research-based solutions are specifically designed to target the challenges faced by leaders at every level.

Frequently Asked Questions About Leadership Programs

There are many different types of leadership training courses available, and the ones your organization chooses for its leaders depend on the challenges and needs of your organization, as well as the level of the individual leader. Some training programs focus on immersive, hands-on simulations and developmental experiences, while others are online-only courses that enable leaders to develop their skills from anywhere. 

Since the challenges faced and skills needed to succeed are different at every level of the organization, leadership courses and programs should be tailored to what a leader is facing currently — while also preparing them for what’s next: 

Effective leadership training is based on rigorous research, and it’s highly individualized, targeting a leader’s unique challenges and strengths in order to drive real impact and help the leader bring out their best. To be truly transformational, an effective leadership course must offer personalized attention and feedback, tangible and engaging learning experiences, and ongoing support to its participants. 

The benefits of leadership training include gaining increased self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses through individualized feedback based on assessment data, setting clear personal and professional development goals with the help of a trained executive coach, learning from peers facing similar challenges, and joining a community of alumni who can offer ongoing support.

The best leadership training providers are those who have decades of extensive research and experience in the field, and have transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of leaders at all levels. At CCL, we’re proud to have over a million leadership program alumni around the globe, and have won many awards and accolades, proving that we’re among the world’s top providers of leadership courses and programs. 

More questions? Our experts are here to help. Let’s have a conversation!