When will I receive my workshop kit order?

A majority of standard orders will ship within 5 business days. For larger orders, please contact your client services representative for an approximate delivery date.

How do I order more participant kits?

Please call client services at +1 336 545 2810 to place your order.

Are discounts cumulative over multiple purchases or applied only to a single purchase?

Only to a single purchase.

What if I have multiple facilitators?

Additional facilitator kits may be purchased through client services by calling +1 336 545 2810, option 1, or your account manager.

How long does it take to prepare to facilitate a workshop?

Approximately 4 hours, so we recommend you plan well ahead.

What will I be receiving in the workshop kit box?

Facilitator kits include a complete facilitator guide with step-by-step instructions, instructional videos covering the use of the kits and the topic, slide shows, and other facilitation tools related to teaching that topic. Participant kits typically include a CCL Guidebook and other tools and well as a complete Workbook for notes, practice and application. Please refer to the specific workshop kit brochure for details.

Who do I talk to about questions about the content of the workshop?

Each individual workshop kit brochure has the learning objectives for that workshop and an instructional video on the topic. We also conduct frequent webinars about the workshop kits to answer questions.

What's the ideal class size for these workshops?

Class sizes are driven by your need and capacity. The facilitation will vary minimally depending on your class size. With a smaller group, you will be able to spend more time with each participant. However, too small a group could result in a loss of interactivity and our workshops are really designed to drive interaction, rather than a lecture style presentation.

Do I need to purchase any other materials to facilitate this workshop?

Not typically. All the content, slides and materials are included in your shipment. We assume you have standard meeting or training spaces with markers, a flip chart or whiteboard and a way to project slides.

Is there a particular leader level that these workshops are meant for?

These workshops are leadership skill oriented. All of the skills in these workshops are relevant across every leader level. We recommend that you facilitate these workshops with groups that are largely from the same or adjoining leader levels.

How do I buy a number of participant kits that is different from your published packages?

Please call Client Services at +1 336 545 2810 to place your order.  CCL scales this type of development across large organizations in very large quantities.  The minimum order for Participant Kits is 25.

Can I order participant kits without a facilitator kit?


Can CCL faculty deliver these workshops for my company?

Yes, please call your account manager or client services to request a conversation with an account manager about a CCL faculty facilitating this workshop.

Can these kits be customized for my company?

The slideshows in the workshop kits are built on a template and can be customized with your logo and styling. You can also add slides to integrate your own content and make the session more relevant to your company.

We typically do not customize the design of the workshop, the workbooks or other participant materials. If there is a very strong need for customization, a deeper conversation is needed with a CCL sales contact and additional customization fees will apply.

What is the shipping charge for these kits?

Shipping is calculated based on size of order and shipping location.

Are they available in multiple languages?

Yes, ask a CCL representative for more information.

Does the purchase of 1 workshop kit with a set number of participant kits constitute an enterprise wide license to run this workshop?

No. The purchase of separate participant kits is required for each person engaged in the session.

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