Talent conversations play a vital role in engaging employees and influencing their performance and development, but only if they are done effectively and often enough. Too often, leaders struggle with how to approach talent conversations and may only initiate them once or twice a year.


CCL’s Talent Conversations: Engage. Empower. Achieve. workshop kit equips your leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools to effectively deliver talent conversations that engage both leaders and employees.

This workshop provides tools to prepare for and facilitate effective talent conversations by using CCL’s development frameworks:

  • Assessment, Challenge, Support (ACS) Model
  • Attention, Belief, and Connection (ABC) Model

Workshop Experience

CCL equips internal facilitators to deliver workshops in the most convenient delivery method.

Live Online




What are the benefits for those participating?

  • Follow the ACS Model as a strategy to prepare to have a talent conversation.
  • Leverage the ABC Model to demonstrate behaviors necessary to effectively conduct a talent conversation.
  • Discover your strengths and areas for opportunities in your coaching style.

Who would use this Workshop Kit?

Internal HR and Training & Development professionals who aim to increase the effectiveness of talent conversations across their organization.

Business Unit Leaders, Team Leaders or Project Leaders tasked with improving performance by increasing skills to better conduct talent conversations.