How do we directly address conflict in a way that preserves or improves relationships, creates new opportunities and increases productivity?


Step Up To Conflict is a Lead-it-Yourself Workshop Kit developed by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) in collaboration with the Eckerd College Leadership Development Institute, a valued partner of CCL for over 30 years. We believe that:

  • Conflict is Inevitable: When people work together they bring differing perspectives, opinions and motives that can lead to conflict.
  • Conflict is Not Always Bad: Many conflicts – when handled properly – can create an atmosphere of creativity and innovation.
  • Conflict Management Skills Can be Learned: While natural ability is helpful, we know these skills can be effectively developed and improved.
  • Mobilizing reframes boundaries to develop community
  • Weaving interlaces boundaries to advance interdependence
  • Transforming cross-cuts boundaries to enable reinvention

Workshop Experience

CCL equips internal facilitators to deliver workshops in the most convenient delivery method.

Live Online




What are the benefits for those participating?

  • Recognize and understand their own conflict “triggers”
  • Understand how different values may contribute to conflict
  • Practice active and passive positive responses to conflict in their workplace
  • Apply the strategies to a workplace conflict situation

Who would use this Workshop Kit?

Internal HR and Training & Development professionals who aim to make effective conflict resolution core to their leadership development.

Business Unit Leaders, Team Leaders or Project Leaders tasked with improving performance of their teams by helping them directly – and positively – address conflict.