How can our leaders create organizational momentum and commitment for their ideas? How can they make their best ideas a reality?


CCL’s Selling Your Ideas: Moving from Concept to Reality workshop kit equips your leaders with the knowledge, techniques and tools to effectively create buy-in for their ideas across the organization.

Good leaders generate new ideas to improve performance, create positive change and drive financial results. Great leaders make those ideas happen.

*Please note: Lead times vary based on order size and availability.

What are the benefits for those participating?

  • Develop a robust plan to sell an idea to the organization
  • Assess their organization’s environment to support their idea
  • Identify key stakeholders for success
  • Apply impactful tactics to influence individuals and groups

Who would use this Workshop Kit?

Internal HR and Training & Development professionals who want leaders to successfully build momentum, commitment and action for their ideas throughout the team or organization.

Business Unit Leaders, Team Leaders or Project Leaders tasked with improving performance of their teams by helping them successfully champion their ideas and create positive results.

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