Catalyze collaboration, drive innovation, transform your organization

We live in a world of vast collaborative potential. Yet, all too often, powerful boundaries create borders that splinter groups into Us and Them, leading to limited possibilities and uninspiring results. To transform these borders into innovative frontiers in today’s global, multi-stakeholder organizations, you need Boundary Spanning Leadership.

Powered by a decade of global CCL research and in-the-field experience, Boundary Spanning Leadership focuses on six boundary spanning practices:

  • Buffering – defines boundaries to create safety
  • Reflecting – creates understanding of boundaries to foster respect
  • Connecting – suspends boundaries to build trust
  • Mobilizing – reframes boundaries to develop community
  • Weaving – interlaces boundaries to advance interdependence
  • Transforming – cross-cuts boundaries to enable reinvention

Key Outcomes for Participants Attending this Workshop

Please note: Lead times vary based on order size and availability. 

  • Understand the power of Boundary Spanning for leadership success
  • Identify the types of boundaries that limit potential
  • Learn and practice the six principles of Boundary Spanning Leadership
  • Recognize your role in spanning boundaries to achieve more than you imagined!

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