From Yesterday’s Lessons to Tomorrow’s Success

Experience Explorer is a leadership development tool that helps leaders and managers learn from their experience.


Leadership development is driven by experience. The catchphrase “70-20-10” is a general guideline indicating that leadership development happens through a combination of challenging assignments (70%), developmental relationships (20%), and coursework & training (10%). Experience Explorer actualizes the 70-20-10 guideline and gives leaders a powerful and efficient tool for discovering how they learned to lead, what they learned about effective leadership and what they still need to learn, how they can learn it.


  • Stimulate reflection about experiences that have taught critically important lessons about leadership
  • Provoke in-depth conversations about how to become an effective leader and manager
  • Identify leadership strengths and gaps and assist others to map their career journeys
  • Generate profiles of the capabilities necessary to succeed in different roles and functions in their organizations
  • Identify experiences that develop the capabilities important to the organization
  • Create bonds of camaraderie in teams and between groups of people
  • Strengthen connections between senior, mid-level, and junior professionals and among people from different cultural backgrounds
  • Spark engagement and enthusiasm with team members and others
  • Facilitate social interactions at a networking event

Special Features

  • Based on research conducted with top-level executives in multiple countries
  • Versatile tool with applicability in any developmental context
  • Helps have a conversation that is personalized
  • Stimulate both reflection on the past and planning for the future

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Experience Explorer work?

The core issue that Experience Explorer tackles is profoundly simple: How can leaders and managers make learning from their experiences intentional, not incidental or accidental? When leaders explore and talk about their past experiences, they can better plan future learning experiences.

When can it be used?

Experience Explorer fits a variety of situations. It can be used in small-group workshops focused exclusively on experiences and lessons or as a short activity in a longer, broader, training-and-development class.

Do I need to be certified to use Experience Explorer?

No. You do not need to be certified to use Experience Explorer, nor do you need advanced facilitation skills. Most managers, team leaders, human-resource facilitators and training and development consultants can run a basic, engaging and worthwhile Experience Explorer session. After the participants receive a few simple instructions, the activity basically runs itself.

What does the EE card deck include?

52 experience cards each representing one of 15 experiences from which leadership is learnt. 42 lesson cards each representing one of 3 kinds of leadership capabilities for development. 5 instruction cards that guide you on the Experience Explorer process.

Available separately is the Experience Explorer Facilitators Guide — a complete guide to preparing, running and debriefing your Experience Explorer session.

How many decks of EE cards do I need for a session?

Every participant requires his or her own deck of Experience Explorer cards. If you are a facilitator, you might want to have your own extra deck of cards.

Where can I find support on running an Experience Explorer session?

The Experience Explorer Facilitators Guide provides a framework and suggestions for a session.

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