Overcoming Bias Requires Moving Beyond Awareness and Into Action

Identify unconscious bias in the workplace and take meaningful action with tools and strategies to reveal your organization’s full potential.

What does it mean to have bias? Bias is an intentional or unintentional preference for or against a specific group or individual. Bias is often implicit or unintentional and occurs as a result of routine mental shortcuts that occur in our brains. Because of this, it’s possible to have bias without being fully aware of it. Yet, unintentional bias can still have very real consequences, including inaccurate beliefs, unfair treatment of others, and/or unfavorable reactions.

Moving beyond bias is essential for effective leadership and sustainable and productive workplaces. Leaders should ideally be able to see everything and everyone for who they are – their perception should not be limited by the disconnecting biases in their brain.

Our Beyond Bias™ suite of solutions is CCL’s answer to recognizing and overcoming bias – including unconscious bias in the workplace. Leveraging our decades of research and experience, our offerings help leaders identify, and then take action to break bias habits – and prevent harmful beliefs, reactions, and practices. We work to increase your team’s understanding and awareness of bias and provide practical tools you can use to protect against the negative consequences of bias.

Imagine the potential of your organization when everyone is fully valued and invested, creating a more inclusive and unbiased culture.

Upskill Your Team with Solutions for Overcoming Bias

Identify and Move Beyond Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Our action-oriented Beyond Bias solutions guide participants through a process of recognizing and acknowledging their own biases in a psychologically safe environment.

Participants will be able to:

  • Gain deeper insight into what bias is and how it impacts all of us
  • More quickly recognize the presence of their own biases and the biases of others
  • Develop greater awareness of social identities and how they relate to bias
  • Acquire tools and strategies for managing and overcoming bias

Our solutions are designed to help leaders at all levels and functions of an organization in their journey toward overcoming unconscious bias in the workplace and improving their ability to create a culture of inclusion.

Find the Beyond Bias™ Offering That Works Best for Your Organization

We can equip your facilitators to deliver a workshop or internal training on overcoming bias, either online or in-person, whichever you prefer: