CCL’s eCourse+plus. The difference is in the “plus”.

Busy leaders don’t have time for ineffective eLearning that just “checks the box”. It is a waste of time and money. eCourse+plus follows CCL’s world-class learning approach that includes learning, practice and application for each topic. The lessons are engaging and relevant but it’s the application that makes the difference – This is the CCL “plus”.

The eCourse+plus library is comprised of flexible, scalable learning modules that can be used on their own, as micro-learning segments or incorporated into a larger training initiative for access anytime, anywhere on any device.  Call today to learn more. 

eCourse Plus Benefits:

  • Designed with CCL’s world class learning transfer model: CCL’s 3x3x3
  • Provides practical, proven responses to today’s most challenging situations
  • Flexible, scalable solutions delivered to your favorite device whenever, wherever you like
  • Reinforces classroom learning or extends learning throughout the organization.
  • Content is organized into micro-learning segments
  • Delivered to you on CCL’s learning platform or integrated with your company’s LMS

eCourse+ Plus Listing