Delivering CCL’s Benchmarks for Managers™ and Skillscope™

The most effective path between assessment and action

Whether you’re working on your own development or coaching others, CCL Compass brings your CCL assessment reports to life – so you can reach your leadership development goals more quickly and effectively.

CCL Compass gives you a visual, easy-to-understand breakdown of your results from CCL’s Benchmarks for Managers and Skillscope 360 assessment letting you zero in on areas to improve. You get customized real-time content, ideas for action, and tools for creating goals and an action plan – all from one easy-to-access online dashboard.


With CCL Compass, you’ll spend less time interpreting results and more time developing stronger leadership skills.


Simple visuals & tables for understanding your assessment at a glance


Real-time ideas
for training plans


Set a direction;
track your progress

Features to power your leadership training process.

Access all these capabilities effortlessly from the CCL Compass dashboard:

  • Assessment – See your data graphically to guide plan development. With one click, filter ratings by assessor or easily see the competencies most important to you, your boss or everyone. View your career stallers. Start creating your individualized leadership development plan with a chart that highlights your strengths and needs.
  • Competencies – View the 50 competencies in CCL Compass grouped into five areas: Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Managers, Leading the Function, and Leading the Organization. Click on any competency to drill down to richly detailed information – including videos and archived articles from CCL’s extensive collection – to inform plan creation.
  • Goals – Establish development goals to focus your efforts on key improvement areas. Download the goals into a PDF or share your goal with others via email to enhance tracking and accountability.
  • Action Items – Identify the specific steps you will take to change your behavior and accomplish goals. Create, open and edit them as needed. Select due dates and add them to your calendar. Track your plan for success.
  • Digital notetaking – Create bookmarks to save the competencies that are relevant to your development. Highlight text to copy it for goal-setting or remind you of important concepts.

One new platform.
A multitude of benefits.

Speed: Go immediately from receiving an assessment feedback report to putting a plan into action.

Clarity: Understand assessment data and streamline the goal planning process 

Convenience: Get on-demand, relevant answers to your leadership development questions 

Effectiveness: Improve motivation and outcomes from your work as a leader or executive coach

Advanced thinking
from the pioneer in leadership development

This exclusive CCL digital tool was developed out of decades as the pioneer in leadership development. It’s just one of the cutting-edge tools we’ve developed using extensive research and our experience from working with hundreds of thousands of leaders at all levels.