How to Improve Employee Retention Post-Pandemic with Flexible Work Arrangements

father with child working showing how flexible work arrangements can improve employee retention

The pandemic has transformed organizations, and many employees want flexible and remote work options to remain. In this webinar we explore how to support a flexible workplace and improve retention.

3 Evidence-Based Strategies to Help Leaders Cope with Pandemic Stress

abstract image of woman climbing over gap representing pandemic stress concept

Our research team looked at the impact of pandemic stress, and explored strategies that individuals and organizations can implement in order to reduce employee burnout and remain resilient in the face of disruption.

How to Have Conversations About Race: Leveraging 4 Key Skills

two women talking holding important conversations about race in the workplace

In part 2 of our webinar series on How to Have Conversations About Race, you’ll learn how to use the Better Conversations Every Day framework to engage in meaningful dialogue that will create a more equitable and inclusive work culture.

How to Talk About Race: 3 Critical First Steps

abstract watercolor picture of speech bubbles representing how to talk about race

Conversations about race can be complex, but are essential for creating an inclusive culture. Lay the groundwork by watching this webinar on how to talk about race, both in the workplace and beyond.

How to Reimagine Networking During a Pandemic (Especially for Women Leaders)

Women's Leadership: Networking during a pandemic

Is networking during a pandemic possible? In this webinar for women leaders, learn 3 distinct network types and how to leverage this unique moment to your networking advantage.

What Is Allyship? Your Questions Answered

What is Allyship? Your Questions Answered

In order to become better allies, we must focus our attention on actions and behaviors that truly contribute to more inclusive environments. Discover answers to commonly asked questions about allyship and the role leadership plays in increasing racial equity.

Inspiring Latinas to Become Leaders

MANA de San Diego

We partnered with MANA San Diego to help Latinas advance in their careers. Read this case study to learn how our Latina Success Leadership Program (LSLP) inspired Latinas to become leaders.

Women in Cable Telecommunications Celebrates 1,000th Leadership Institute Graduate

Women in Cable Telecommunications logo

CCL partnered with Women in Cable Telecommunications to develop executive leadership training for women at senior and upper-middle management levels.

Partnering to Span Boundaries

Whirlpool Logo

This case study shows how CCL partnered with Whirlpool to customize a leadership development program that evolved alongside Whirlpool’s business strategy.

Improving Conversations to Scale Cultural Change

University of Notre Dame

Read this case study to learn more about CCL’s partnership with the University of Notre Dame to scale cultural change by helping leaders improve feedback.

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