Content from the following assessments are available for research proposal consideration.

The Campbell Leadership Descriptor is a forty-item paper and pencil self-assessment designed to help individuals discover their strengths and weaknesses in nine major leadership attributes: vision, management, empowerment, diplomacy, feedback, entrepreneurialism, personal style, personal energy, and multicultural awareness. Visit for information on the assessment.

The Developmental Challenge Profile is the foundation for the Job Challenge Profile distributed by Jossey-Bass Pfeiffer. The Developmental Challenge Profile contains more scales and items than the Job Challenge Profile and does not reflect the most up-to-date research. CCL does not offer retail distribution of the Developmental Challenge Profile but continues to offer the Developmental Challenge Profile for research opportunities.

The Job Challenge Profile is designed to help managers understand and use their job assignments as opportunities for learning and growth. Five major challenges are assessed: experiencing a job transition, creating change, managing high levels of responsibility, managing boundaries, and dealing with diversity. The Job Challenge Profile is a 50-item paper and pencil self-report assessment. Visit for information on the assessment.

KEYS® to Creativity and Innovation is a 78-item climate for creativity assessment designed to determine the relationship between the work environment of an organization and creativity or innovation. The target audience for KEYS includes work groups, divisions, and organizations. KEYS measures 10 dimensions that have an impact on the work environment and are grouped into the following areas: management practices, organizational motivation, resources, and outcomes. Visit for information on the assessment.

The Learning Tactics Inventory is a 32-item paper and pencil self-report instrument designed for individuals who wish to become better at learning from experience. The Learning Tactics Inventory provides individuals with information about how they learn and illustrates behaviors that they can adopt to become more versatile learners. Visit for information on the assessment.

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