• The purpose and merits of the research.
  • The study’s research questions and/or hypotheses.
  • The assessment being requested.
  • How the data will be used, including the variables of interest and the proposed statistical analyses.
  • Details on the target sample and population.
  • Data storage procedures for maintaining participant confidentiality.
  • The names and titles of all those who will have access to the data, whether or not they are working directly with the data.
  • The credentials of the researcher(s) (including degree, institution, current affiliation, any relevant publications).
  • Contact information for the primary researcher (address, phone, and e-mail).
  • If you are a student, add a letter of support from your academic advisor, including his or her phone number and email address.
  • If you are interested in having CCL faculty collaborate with you on this project, please indicate that in your cover note. (We will let you know if there is someone whose research interests align with your proposed study.)
  • Please limit your proposal to 2-3 pages.

For a research project to be approved, it must have technical merit, be of interest to CCL, and be conceptually and methodologically sound. Approval decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. Acceptance of the proposal will in no way limit CCL’s ability to conduct future research in similar areas of inquiry.

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