Step I: Order your assessment from CCL — Your assessment administrator (person in your organization managing the administrative process) will receive access to inventory via CCL’s Internet Assessment System (IAS) within 2 hours. IAS allows assessment administrators to manage the assessment process.

Step II: Set up your session in IAS — The assessment administrator enters basic information describing the session.

Step III: Register participants in the session — This step initiates email invitations to participants.

Step IV: Participants complete the self survey and register their raters online.

Step V: Raters complete online surveys.

Step VI: Monitor survey completion status — Assessment administrators and participants can monitor rater return status through IAS. Assessment administrators can use IAS’s email functions to remind participants to check their status and to follow up with raters, if needed.

Step VII: Request feedback report scoring — Assessment administrators can use IAS to request scoring for one or more participants. CCL will process and ship the requested report(s) within 3 business days. Allow 2 days for shipping. If PDF files are requested, the reports will be sent within 2-3 business days.

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