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Beyond Talent and Competencies

Sustaining Competitive Advantage with Vertical Development


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Vertical Leadership Development Part 1

Vertical Leadership Development–Part 1
Developing Leaders for a Complex World

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Every so often, an event occurs that changes who you are and how you think. Three years ago, I arrived at the Center for Creative Leadership. I had traveled from New Zealand, graduated from Harvard, gotten my dream job, and now was working with some of the most interesting people and companies in the world. But having finally gotten everything I thought I wanted, I felt tired, empty, and exhausted.


Redefining Talent For the New World of Work
Stay Ahead of Change with Talent Portfolio Agility™

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Exponential change is at our doorstep. The World Economic Forum states that we are on the brink of experiencing a Fourth Industrial Revolution. Some predict that we will undergo changes in multiple aspects of our lives in the next five years on a scale comparable to what we’ve experienced in the previous 50 years. We’re beginning to see the early signs of the unprecedented velocity, scope, and impact of these changes on the workplace.

Truth and Courage White Paper

Truth and Courage
Implementing a Coaching Culture with Better Conversations Every Day

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Leaders whose organizations have learned to adapt to rapid, turbulent change have developed an obsession with getting the culture and cultures within their organizations right. Culture, and its expressions, shape the practical and emotional environment in which we work, and influences the ways organizations accomplish their goals. More powerful than strategy and more persistent than vision, the culture and cultures of an organization affect who stays, who leaves, and how we deal with each other. It is the environment that enables performance or subverts it.

Problem Employees

Problem Employees
Identify and Manage Them Before They Impact Your Business and Career

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Do you have a problem employee on your team? If so, you’re not alone. It seems that almost everyone has worked with a problem employee at some point in their career. And if you ask people to describe these employees, you could fill a dictionary with the colorful adjectives used. This paper includes best practices for how to provide feedback to problem employees to encourage them to stop poor behavior and replicate desired behavior.