Prepare Yourself & Your Organization for the Future of Leadership

To shift forward from current uncertainties, we as leaders need to take action right now that will enable us to transform today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities.

Watch this event’s sessions for actionable, research-based advice on what you and your organization can do today to best prepare for the future of leadership. Our experts provide an overview of our foundational research on how leadership happens and what transformational leadership looks like during times of uncertainty. You’ll learn how your team should focus their efforts to embrace the future of leadership and be given the chance to ask questions as we unpack what leaders must do to shift forward.

Despite so much uncertainty right now, one thing is clear — it’s time to evolve and adapt for what’s next. Let’s talk about pushing your organization toward reinvention, not retreat, and how you can start creating the future that you want to see right now.

Shift Forward: A Virtual Conference for the Transformed World Session Recordings

Opening Remarks from CCL’s President and CEO John Ryan

The Power of Hardships: Anne Credi shares an overview of the original research for the 70-20-10 model.

Direction, Alignment, Commitment (DAC): Katherine Pappa and Princess Cullum share 3 keys every team and organization need for collaborative leadership.

Turning Challenges into Opportunity – Reinventing Your Organization after COVID: Alice Cahill, Mike Smith, and Bill Pasmore share actions you should be taking to position your organization for success. View Slides

Transformation through Communication: Coaching expert Andre Keil shares why coaching skills are needed as we move into this transformed world.

Fast Forward: Reinventing You & Your Organization through Empathy & Inclusion: Abigail Dunne-Moses shares 7 acts of inclusion and the power that empathy and inclusion can bring to you and your organization.

Closing Remarks from CCL’s President and CEO John Ryan

Meet some of our speakers discussing the future of leadership: