CCL has a strong tradition of innovation.  Whether it’s about the earl years of highlighting the need to focus on leadership development, pioneering the use of psychometric assessments, understanding how leaders learn from experience, identifying the unique needs and approaches in women’s leadership or de-defining leadership from a system perspective, CCL has been at the forefront of advancing the understanding, practice and development of the industry.

Today, our dedication to innovations is as strong as ever.  CCL is actively advancing the field in many areas.

Neuroscience & Leadership


CCL’s Groundbreaking work in Neuroscience & Leadership

Role-Playing Leadership Video Game

A unique role-playing game that teaches essential leadership skills through exciting challenges and quests.

iPads in the Classroom


CCL is one of the first to use iPads in the classroom.

Fast and Unpredictable Leadership


Leadership Experience Parallels the Fast and Unpredictable Nature of Business – Virginia International Raceway.