Raising Her Voice

Gayla Olvera

Listener. Counselor. Strength finder.

For Gayla, leadership isn’t just about managing a team. As a clinical mental health professional and advocate, effective leadership is critical to helping adults and children receive the treatment they need — and the dignity they deserve.

Through CCL, Gayla learned how to look within herself to identify both strengths and weaknesses and how they influenced her style of leadership. In addition to showing Gayla how to look inward for strength, the program also taught her how to see the leadership qualities in others and empower them to use their unique style to greater success. Leaving with more than just concepts, Gayla has been able to apply her newfound knowledge directly in her everyday life.

Further Your Leadership Journey 

At CCL, we believe everyone has the potential to be a leader. Join the ranks of our 1,000,000+ alumni and ignite transformational change in yourself, the teams you lead, and the communities you serve. 

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