Owning Your Story

David Mascarina: Owning Your Story. Create Impact by Acting with Intention.

Technologist. Storyteller. Rising Above.

David Mascarina tells stories for a living. As the manager of digital content and creative at the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, David gets to use his skills for good, partnering with some of the most brilliant minds solving humanitarian issues and getting to be creative all at the same time. At heart, David is also a problem-solver, always seeking ways to improve how his team and organization works.

But it’s not always easy to navigate complex work politics to get your voice heard. Attending CCL’s Leadership Development Program (LDP)® helped David find the right way to use his voice and elevate his relationship with his colleagues. The program also taught him the value of managing and acting with intention, taking a more proactive approach to his leadership style and truly understanding how he can impact the big picture goals of the Foundation. All it took was a chance to rise above the day-to-day to discover his own leadership story — and it’s looking like a big success.

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