Funded for five years (1997 – 2002) by a $4.3 million grant from the Joseph M. Bryan Foundation and a $5 million gift of in-kind services from the Center for Creative Leadership, the Bryan Leadership Development Initiative (BLDI) was a program designed to expand the leadership capabilities of school teams in the Guilford County School system, the local school system for Greensboro, NC where CCL is headquartered. The objective of the BLDI program was to give leaders at Guilford County schools the skills they need to make important decisions impacting students, school staff and the community.

Since the announcement of the program in 1997, more than 500 Guilford County educators participated in coursework and intensive coaching sessions with members of the CCL faculty, receiving the same support that CCL offers to top executives from organizations around the globe. Twenty-one schools participated, with each school team comprised of 15 members including the principal, teachers, and in some cases parents or community members. Instead of a prescribed program that is the same for all schools, the curriculum was composed of modules that could be flexibly used and combined to best address the needs of each school team. The training was supplemented at the school site through work with a CCL ‘Transition Guide’. In most cases, the Transition Guide was the CCL faculty member who worked with that school in their semiannual training sessions. The Superintendent and senior leadership team for GCS also participated in leadership training sessions customized to their leadership needs. Each school team saw dramatic improvements in individual leadership, communication, and team effectiveness, and were empowered to impact the climate of the schools and the district for years to come.

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