How to Be a Beloved Boss

Promotions are exciting, especially if it’s your first time becoming a manager with direct reports. But what if your organization doesn’t take the time to train you how to manage people?

A new episode of The TalentGrow Show podcast with Halelly Azulay picks up that question and others that are particularly relevant for first-time managers by interviewing William Gentry, CCL’s Director of Leadership Insights & Analytics and a Senior Research Scientist.

The episode title, “How to Be the Boss Everyone Wants to Work For,” is a slight riff on the title of Gentry’s book exploring practical advice for leaders. Over the course of about 30 minutes, Azulay and Gentry discuss being a new leader. Azulay also provides a transcript of their conversation on the TalentGrow website.

Azulay is a leadership development strategist, author, and expert in communication skills and emotional intelligence who works with organizations such as Booz Allen Hamilton, the World Bank, the University of Maryland, and the FDA, among others.

Gentry’s engaging and straightforward book, Be the Boss Everyone Wants to Work For: A Guide for New Leaders, was also recently named to Soundview’s highly competitive Best Business Books of 2016 List.


Listen Now: The TalentGrow Show Episode 45, “How to Be the Boss Everyone Wants to Work For


How to Work Without Stress

Everyone experiences stress related to their jobs — or at least that’s what you might think before coming across Nick Petrie.

CCL’s Global Solutions Faculty member Nick Petrie is the author of Working Without Stress: Building a Resilient Mindset for Lasting Success, a guide that properly defines stress as something you can control and avoid, and that walks readers through the process of doing so.

The Illinois-based People and Projects podcast recently featured Petrie and his co-author Derek Roger in its episode, “What Leaders Need to Know About Reducing Stress.” Over the course of just under an hour, host Andy Kaufman probes Petrie and Roger for details about how people can avoid rumination and stress both at work and at home, both on organizational and individual levels.

Host Andy Kaufman spends most of his time delivering project-management and leadership workshops and keynotes at various conferences and companies, in addition to running the People and Projects podcast dedicated to providing “interviews and insights to help you deliver projects and lead teams.”

Listen Now: People and Projects Episode 164, “What Leaders Need to Know About Reducing Stress


After listening to these podcasts, if you are interested in learning more about the insights and experiences that inspired these books, you can purchase the full versions through our bookstore or reach out to William and Nick directly with your specific questions.


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