Our faculty team at CCL is proud to be a part of a new professional community based at the Wagner Graduate School for Public Service at New York University: The NYU Collective Leadership Research Workshop. The aim of this community is to explorer collective leadership research and practice, including relational leadership frameworks. Our inaugural workshop on April 23-24, 2014 was hosted by the Research Center for Leadership in Action, and lead by Professors Sonia Ospina and Erica Foldy. Members from CCL are Kristen L. Cullen, Bill Drath, and Charles J. Palus.

Relational leadership is a key idea in the CCL model of interdependent leadership. 

Collective Leadership: If Everyone Leads, Who Follows?, a moderated panel discussionwas part of this inaugural NYU Collective Leadership Research Workshop. This discussion explored the challenges and opportunities of identifying, nurturing and assessing collective leadership and what that might mean for NYU’s efforts to nurture ethical and inclusive leadership among its students.


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