I attended ASTD/ICE last year with the express purpose of introducing a new line of digital products to HR Managers at the Expo. This was my first year with CCL, and I was excited to showcase our digital libraries as cost-effective digital content that could supplement client’s learning programs. While listening to attendees’ responses to our digital library, I heard that HR Managers are struggling to find cost-effective, simple to implement, practical methods for bringing leadership training to first-tier, geographically dispersed managers.  The digital library was a good foundation, but we hadn’t gone far enough. While I heard other issues from attendees as well, this particular challenge is right in our sweet-spot and one that I knew we could do something about.

Fast-forward to this year and as we prepare for the conference, we are proud to be introducing a solution that addresses the pain points we heard from last year. CCL’s In-House Solutions are 1/2 day packages of ready-to-deliver CCL content that addresses important leadership topics for first-tier managers such as Influence, Feedback, and Conflict. The package contains all facilitation and learner materials needed to conduct face-to-face, blended, or virtual training sessions. We call this product line “In-House Solutions” because the underlying content is powered by CCL, but the training will be delivered by you. If you are comfortable with facilitation, you can deliver CCL’s In-House Solutions to your learners. And since last year we heard that the solution needs to be simple to implement, no certification is required to purchase or deliver In-House Solutions.

The participant materials included in In-House Solutions are built upon our digital library and provide just-in-time, self-paced learning, reference resources, and tools that enable students to learn and practice new skills. The Lead 2.0 packages are topic based, just like In-House Solutions, and an Application Guide provides learners with a recommended path through the content and a place to record learnings applicable to their jobs.

The diagram below  depicts how each of our packaged digital solutions build on the digital learning products library to provide the appropriate level of guidance and CCL content to meet your organization’s needs. And it can all be delivered from CCL’s platform or from yours.

We are excited to introduce In-House Solutions at ASTD/ICE  in Washington DC during the first week in May and invite you to stop by booth 1133 to take a closer look and to give us ideas for next year. Here’s a video of my colleague Samir Mehta and I discussing what you can expect from us there!


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