The CCL Leading Effectively blog is a great way to learn about what people are thinking about leadership and to get some insights about leadership. Attending CCL programs are another great way to learn about leadership. You can read books to learn about leadership. You can talk to your coworkers, trusted peers, your friends and your family to learn about leadership. Anything that you can do to learn about leadership is great.


It’s one thing to read and educate yourself about leadership, to know about leadership. It’s a totally different thing to apply it, to “DO” leadership. Blogs, programs, books, and advice can let you know how to be a better leader – how to influence, communicate, resolve conflicts, mentor, motivate, etc., but unless you try those things out at work–unless you “do” leadership–you are doing yourself and those who work with you a disservice.

That lesson really resonated with me a few weeks ago, the day after I trained a Maximizing your Leadership Potential Program in Europe. Watch this video and see why.

How are you going to “DO” leadership this week based on what you have seen, heard or learned? If you state your goal of “doing” leadership in a comment below, you will be entered to win an autographed copy of my guidebook, Developing Political Savvy!

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