Wearables are all the rage today. Largely though, wearables are about the physical side of self-awareness: do I sleep enough, do I walk enough, do I run fast or slow?

I had a new use case pop up for me recently that made me think about technology to understand my behavior a little bit differently. I’m getting ready to attend a program that requires me to take a 360 assessment as part of my preparation for the 5-day engagement. I work with many people across my organization and so it was very hard for me to immediately come up with who the best raters for me would be.

Being a geek, I figured that the answer would be to use technology. My good friend and innovation guru Jonathan Vehar had shown me a cool tool that could analyze my email some time ago and as I thought about it more, it seemed like a good idea.

So I went there and it was spectacular. This is the tool: Immersion. All you have to do is enter your email credentials and it will show you a really great map of who you communicate with and who they communicate with, while communicating with you. View this demo with Tony Stark.

I used it to figure out the most appropriate raters for my 360. How would you use this? What other tech tools do you use to know your professional self better?

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