True grit: No matter what you do or where you are, it will change your life.

What Is Grit?

Grit is more than simply staying up when being buffeted by the winds of change (whether that’s an ill or prevailing wind)—it’s about still moving forward, on your hands and knees if you must. It’s about having the bravery and resolve to forge new paths even when you find obstacles in your way. It’s about pushing on through despite the temptations and tests along the way.

Why is the last mile the hardest one and why do most people give up?

My personal experience hasn’t been that the last mile is the hardest, but I don’t deny that might be the case for some. I think many people give up at the beginning as much as they do towards the end or anywhere along the continuum and that’s because fear can strike at any time.

Fear of failure can paralyse many from taking that first step; the thought of that great mountain to climb can seem daunting, impossible even, with too many overhanging rocks and dangers by the roadside. Fear of making the wrong choice along the way can also stop someone in their tracks. Towards the end it might be the fear of success which could halt progress, after all, what do you when it’s done? Sudden loss of purpose and mission, when one was so driven, could seem very scary.

How does one develop grit?

To have true grit, you need emotional, physical, and spiritual resilience.

Take the most experienced climbers; they plan their route with pit-stops along the way to recoup and to replenish their energies. In fact they may even plan various routes to cover all eventualities and weather conditions thrown at them. They pack carefully for the journey, ensuring they have all the necessary and possible equipment. Rarely do they plan to go on their trips alone – they take others with them who share their goals, who encourage them and assist them in reaching those all-important milestones along the way. They are not afraid to call for help from their fellow companions if or when the situation gets a little tricky. They review their progress regularly and if conditions change they adjust their plans accordingly.

Of course, a mountain climbing venture is a short-term endeavor, life, with its daily challenges can sometimes seem more like a never-ending marathon. A treadmill of planning and working hard yet still just treading water – never getting anywhere or achieving anything; .

So how do you ensure the level on your resilience thermometer bounces back up when you need it to? Of courses sleep, rest, eating healthily, time with family and friends or undertaking hobbies or pastimes from which you derive pleasure all play their part.

But what many forget to do is to simply keep their eye on the prize and when it seems to slip out of view they don’t realize that just by moving their head or changing their position it will enter their field of vision once more.

Grit is a gift for all seasons.

Adapted from He Said/She Said: The One Gift That Will Make A Difference In Your Life.

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