Next week a large group of our colleagues will be traveling to Atlanta, Georgia, to exhibit our latest insights and solutions at ATD 2017. We’re proud that we’ve had the opportunity to showcase our work at ATD, the largest annual conference for training development professionals, for the past 10 years, and we’re looking forward to this year’s conference as well.

The event provides us with a tremendous opportunity to connect with likeminded individuals and share insights about our cutting-edge solutions, latest trends, and industry best practices. During the event, we will also be offering in-booth sessions at the exhibit. atd-2017-sessions-ccl-center-for-creative-leadership

This year the focus of our sessions will be on the most successful ways to:

  1. Lead Digital Learning Initiatives– Is your organization using these 6 simple strategies to ensure your digital initiatives are successful? Learn more about how we’ve worked with other organizations to develop digital solutions that align expectations with outcomes. We’ll also share information about an impactful, gamified learning solution that ties these 6 strategies together.
  2. Explore Licensing Opportunities- How have other organizations partnered with us to effectively leverage our academic resources within their own organizations? We recently worked with Walmart to design a development curriculum that infuses everyday job responsibilities with purposeful development opportunities. You can learn from their successes.
  3. Recognize Differences Between Leader Levels- How do development needs shift from one level of leadership to another? As individuals change roles, their mindsets and approach to development must also change. Learn a simple framework that will help you highlight the different needs at different levels.
  4. Leverage Assessments-What assessments do we have that might strategically complement your organizational goals and immediately strengthen your talent pipeline? Learn about our regional and global insights that might help unlock the leadership potential of your organization.
  5. Ensure Group Effectiveness- When you consider the leadership process, are you paying enough attention to the Direction, Alignment, and Commitment (DAC) of your teams? We believe that in order to make leadership happen, groups need to start by looking for the presence of DAC. A simple assessment and our guidebook, which we’ll be providing complimentary copies of at our booth, will help your organization get started.

This year we’ll also be able to provide people who stop by our booth the opportunity to virtually experience what it’s like to attend a CCL program. Using 3D VR glasses visitors will know what it’s like to learn within a classroom at our Greensboro, North Carolina headquarters. We’re excited to witness the reactions!

If you’re planning to attend ATD 2017 May 21 through 24, please stop by and visit us at Booth 930.


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