I recently attended a Carolina Dynamo soccer match. I am not a big fan of soccer. I don’t get it. Maybe I’m a snob (wouldn’t be the first time that was told to me). Here are some things I learned:

1) What we Americans call soccer, the rest of the world calls football.

2) The score is not zero, it is nil.

3) The “offsides” rule is difficult to understand, but not as difficult as icing in hockey.

4) They don’t play on a field, they play on a pitch.

And, I saw a pretty cool connection with leadership.

As the players were on the pitch, I saw in action, what we at CCL call DAC: Direction, Alignment, Commitment right before my eyes.

  • Direction – They all knew what the objective was: score a goal, and don’t let anyone from the other team score. That would be success.
  • Alignment – Each player knew his position and responsibility, from the goalie to the defender, to the midfielder to the forward. Each player knew what his role was, and how that in fact contributed to success.
  • Commitment – Each player was giving 100% on the field…I mean pitch…and was dedicated to doing his part for the team to attain success.

(image source: http://thinkeringstudio.wikis.birmingham.k12.mi.us/Soccer+skills+and+techniques)

When effective leadership happens, you see DAC. A great metaphor for DAC played out on the pitch (yes, got it right that time, pitch).

Where have you seen DAC? Would you mind sharing your thoughts?

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