It was a privilege to train 23 wonderful people at CCL’s Maximizing your Leadership Potential program Nov 7-9. At the beginning of each program, we ask participants what they want to get out of the program. This last program, at least a quarter said they wanted to get some insight into self-awareness. This is all the more important for those who are managing for the first time in their life, which many of the participants were. While I was filming myself to get some feedback on my own golf swing at the driving range, I thought about the importance of self-awareness and feedback and what was discussed in the program.

  • Put humility aside, and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback about what you are doing right, and what you need to improve.
  • Ask those people who are “bought in” to your development and effectiveness for feedback: a mentor, boss, or trusted peer.
  • Research shows that the most effective leaders are the ones who are highly self-aware. So, if you think you are good at something and others don’t, that’s a blind spot that needs to be addressed.

Here’s hoping that you do something this week to gain some insight and awareness into your own development by asking for feedback.

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