In an earlier post I mentioned four Rs – Responsiveness, Respect, Results and Responsibility. In an interconnected world just having the technical and managerial skills aren’t going to cut it.  Of course, the fundamentals still apply. But there are also new skills to learn, or maybe it’s new ways to apply old ideas/skills; I’m not sure. I do know we’re working in environments and with people different from what we’ve known in the past. It’s not totally different; it is different enough to matter – that’s where Responsiveness, Respect, Results and Responsibility come in.

To some degree mutual respect is about achieving and maintaining mutual well-being and thus, being responsive to differences. When we disconnected ourselves from our work and the consequences of our actions became more distant; our sense of responsibility (as individuals and organizations) became more muted. The distance between cause and effect grew and a lot of potential causes and effects came into play – things got complicated and complex. The messiest of the messes we face are not short on who or what to blame. Blaming doesn’t lead to understanding or solutions; it leads to more fractures between ideas and people and motivation to defend versus motivation to solve.

We’ve done enough dismantling; it is time to put things back together. It’s time to talk about what we want to achieve, why it matters, and how to do so in a way that won’t result in finger pointing, but in collective pride and progress.

It’s time to lead in a way that is responsive (to people and to environments), that is respectful (of ourselves and others), that gets desired results, and that is responsible(which means looking at results from different perspectives and making trade-offs that create and sustain mutual well-being.)

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