What do you need to unlock your creative potential to address your leadership and life challenges?

My quick answer is: a space and place where community and content challenge and support me.

For 98 years, these things have aligned at the Leadership Forum at Silver Bay along Lake George in New York. It’s a place where I am able to incubate leadership ideas and join conversations in support of advancing other leadership solutions.

Woman at Leadership Forum at Silver BayIn our fast-paced world, it’s rare to find space and a place to unplug. Silver Bay is one of those places: mobile phones are still spotty, there are no televisions in the rooms, and WiFi is only accessible in certain buildings around the campus. This forced disconnection is a rare occurrence but also something research is increasingly highlighting as healthy and beneficial.

It’s wonderful to see research align with what people have known, practiced, and benefited from for ages: retreating to “sacred spaces” for renewal, rejuvenation, and inspiration is a positive practice.

Silver Bay ForumSupplementing the space and place is a community…a “spirit” that honors the exploration of varied content and experiences and helps to unlock individual and collective creativity.

Over the years, the Leadership Forum has helped so many people nurture individual and collective leadership concepts, beliefs, and for many, careers striving to create positive local and global impacts.

Each year the Leadership Forum at Silver Bay enables us to meet where we can once again engage in a space that merges place, community, and inspiring content.

Joining me this year from CCL are Dr. Cathleen Clerkin and Dr. Chuck Palus

Cathleen ClerkinCathleen Clerkin, research scientist at CCL, will share some recent research related to neuroscience and positive psychology. In particular, she will share findings that suggest human connection, creativity, and a holistic approach to wellness are some of the most important ways to thrive in our chaotic and a rapidly changing world. Her work with holistic approaches to wellness, leader development, creativity, and human connection will align perfectly in Silver Bay’s setting and community.

Her session will include interactive activities and opportunities for reflection and connection. Participants will learn how to leverage technology and science in order to create opportunities and develop leadership from the inside out. For more info, see her recent whitepaper, Beyond Competencies – what about the leader’s mind?.

Charles PalusChuck Palus, Sr. Fellow at CCL, will be facilitating a new tool currently incubating in CCL Labs: Transformations™. Transformations is a card deck designed to facilitate conversations about life journeys and the stages of adult development. A key application is helping individuals and groups map their developmental journeys “from here to there”—reflecting on the past, the present, and future aspirations.

The tool can be used in one-on-one coaching, individual development programs, culture change, and discovery with senior teams. Participants will experience this new tool, leave with trial packet and will be invited to provide feedback about the impact this tool has in their communities of practice.

In addition to Cathleen and Chuck, we are energized by the variety of the the entire slate of presenters. We hope you can join us at Silver Bay this year, July 13 – 16.

If you register before Monday, May 16th, enjoy a lower early bird registration rate of $400. Discounts also available for nonprofits, students, and retirees. For more info, see Leadership Forum at Silver Bay.

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