We learn by being inspired.

We learn by debating an issue.

We learn by teaching.

We learn by doing.

By reading, by writing, by listening. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

A great deal of research has gone into the effectiveness of each of these methods and the choice of one over another.

Over the years, we have created many new technologies to enable the communication of knowledge.

I suppose we can go back to the very invention or evolution of the spoken word, but perhaps I should limit myself to what might retain the reader’s attention in a blog.

The power of storytelling is immense and humanity has used it to convey knowledge from generation to generation and from place to place. At CCL, we have tried to capture stories of leadership that allow outstanding leaders to communicate what they have learnt to other leaders that may benefit from the wisdom that previously might only have come from experience. The video that accompanies this article is CCL’s CEO John Ryan telling a story about his experience in trying to develop a leader while not realizing the implications on the rest of the organization. Here is the Linkedin Influencer article he wrote about the same story. The video will take you 5 minutes to watch; the article might take you a little more or less. Which one has more of an impact? Why?

Of course, the beauty of today’s technology is that you don’t have to choose. This video is one video out of a collection that CCL has created to help organizations develop their next generation of leaders more efficiently. The videos are one part of a larger digital portfolio.

My colleagues and I will be showcasing our perspective on blended learning at ASTD ICE 2014. Stop by booth 1133 to share your thoughts on what we are exploring. We would be glad to discuss your thoughts.

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