An entire decade of CCL research, across six world regions, collaborating with over 50 colleagues inside and outside of CCL, analyzing over 2,800 survey responses and nearly 300 interviews (well over 7,500 pages single-spaced!) with leaders around the world, not to mention countless cups of coffee, and it all comes down to this – a book.

Along with my co-author, Donna Chrobot-Mason, I’m pleased to announce that Boundary Spanning Leadership: Six Practices for Solving Problems, Driving Innovation, and Transforming Organizations is set for release November 12, 2010 by McGraw-Hill Professional.

It’s a leadership book that tells the story of how leaders from rural towns in the U.S. to the skyline of Hong Kong, and from a modernizing South Africa to the bustling streets of India are bridging boundaries between groups and transforming today’s borders into tomorrow’s innovative frontiers.

This I and my CCL colleagues believe. Now more than ever, the biggest challenges we face in business and society – climate change, job creation, political instability, the drive for innovation – are interdependent. They can only be solved when leaders collaborate and bring groups together across wide-ranging boundaries.

We’re excited to share this research and book with leaders like you – leaders who strive to span boundaries, reach across divides, inspire collective action, and realize higher shared goals. And we look forward to sharing and connecting with you here. Several of my Center for Creative Leadership colleagues will be posting on this blog along with myself and Donna. And we want to hear from you. Comment on our posts, email us your stories, ask us questions. It’s a conversation that is not only exciting, but necessary – turning today’s borders into tomorrow’s frontiers.

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