If you haven’t tapped the full potential of your network, this short course on building your core professional network is for you.

This is an entirely free virtual course jointly offered by CCL and Acumen begins Oct. 10. Participants can register now for this short course on building your professional network, featuring about 6 total hours of content.

The course materials consist of short readings, short videos, a case study, individual activities, and group discussion facilitated by a member of the team. (There are no CCL or Acumen facilitators or live interactions.)

  • Week 1: 1 hour of individual work on “the state of my current network,” and 1 hour of group discussion.
  • Week 2: 1 hour of individual work on “what I want the future state of my network to look like,” and how to get there. 
Sign up individually, or ideally in a pair. After all, networking isn’t a solo affair. Connect with individuals in your existing community and work on your networking strategies as a team. The right mix of teammates is the secret sauce. So who is missing from yours? Invite them with this pre-written email or share the course link.

Learn more or register now for this free networking eCourse to start building your network today!

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