ATD ICE 2015 is over and we had an outstanding experience. A big thanks to the ATD committee for listening to its audience – both attendees and exhibitors and improving upon an event that helped all of us achieve our objectives, whatever those were.

It’s hard to organize an event for 10,500+ attendees and 400 exhibitors, and make everyone happy. It’s hard to be all things to all people. But ATD ICE did well. Here are the things that we liked as exhibitors:

  1. An Exhibitor Lounge – Exhibitors are people too. We need the occasional coffee or tea or snack.
  2. 3 Hours of Expo only time at the front end of ATD – This was genius because we had so many attendees come by, ask very specific questions, discuss very specific problems that they were trying to solve and spend as much time as they needed to understand if there was a fit.  The attendees that realized that CCL was the right partner came back and had coffee with our faculty and account management teams, and we are already well on the way to crafting solutions with them.
  3. Outstanding Keynote Speakers – ATD always brings great speakers to the event. Our session was packed with over 100 attendees. The Keynotes this year all brought very unique things to the event. It’s hard not to get very excited about Dr. Sugata Mitra especially. His thinking and his work have changed the world in profound ways. I had the honor of working at NIIT, the company where he did his original work for the Hole in the Wall project and got to see the impact of that up close.

Here are a couple of additional things we noticed this year.

  1. Less is more, unless its technology, where that is reversed – The size of individual modules that vendors are promoting is getting smaller and smaller. There is talk of micro-learning. This is a fun trend to talk about and its sounds very “cool”. I believe that micro-learning is good, as long as it is in service of macro objectives. You could spend all day watching videos of “cool” stuff on youtube and not truly develop in a meaningful way.At CCL, we also believe less is more – but what we mean is not micro-learning. We use digital learning in the right amount, with a good idea of how much time our learners have, and what skills they want to deliver the right-size chunks of learning, not just bite-size. (byte-size is a ridiculous phrase and should be stopped right now. A byte is a group of binary digits or bits (usually eight) operated on as a unit. The number 4 is about as much information as is contained in a byte. But I digress)
  2. The Challenges for the attendees just get bigger every year!

Here are just a few of the responses from a poll we ran at the CCL booth through the 3 days.  The question we asked was “How will you IMPACT talent development in 2015?”


The responses were interesting in their diversity and urgency. We had some wonderful conversations with many folks about their challenges.

The focus on sustainability, results and alignment to business objectives is what I really enjoyed seeing. It is very fulfilling to work with clients who know what they want and seek out leadership development expertise and research to achieve impact.

ATD 2015 is done. Our events team is now gearing up for SHRM, which comes up soon.

CCL will be participating and presenting at this annual event for HR Professionals. This year,  Henry Browning , Sr. Faculty will be delivering a concurrent session entitled HR Business Partner as Leadership Strategy Guru and the exhibit will feature multiple In-Booth sessions and activities.
It’s in Vegas, so I’m obliged to make the gambling reference. Don’t gamble on your leadership development, come see us and improve your odds of success. Learn more about CCL at SHRM.

We never play blind.

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