The second day of SHRM 2015 was an awesome assembly of solid and applicable content from a host of organizations.

The Center for Creative Leadership was leading the way with various sessions on powering your internal training, building a leadership strategy for your talent and the promises and pitfalls of evaluating your development initiatives.   The session on building a leadership strategy offered on valuable insights and actionable ideas for how an organization can deliberately address the gap between effort put toward change management and the often neglected change leadership.

And as with the first day of the conference, CCL’s video slot machine continued to provide many show attendee’s with some complimentary development resources like e-learning courses and leadership webinars.

The third and final day of SHRM 2015 will include more CCL sessions on tools for internal training, building a sustainable leadership pipeline and what’s missing from your leadership equation.

#SHRM2015  #CCLResults

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