Asia continues on a trajectory of explosive growth, and offers businesses exciting opportunities. Asian economies are expected to remain a critical driver for global GDP growth. Yet identifying and grooming the leaders for the organization remains a challenge for many, especially in these times of global complexity and change. How do you lead now and in the future? What do you need to do to navigate the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity facing you, your team and your organization?

Without question, the most critical challenge for many organizations is having the right talent to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. They can be so caught up in looking for individuals that are equipped with the skills, knowledge, abilities, and experiences to operate in a fast-evolving Asia that they often forget talent that needs to be groomed for top leadership roles. In addition, developing the capability to develop the next generation of senior leaders is often an overlooked competency for sitting senior executives.

A 2012 study commissioned by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) revealed that accelerating leadership development for senior leadership roles in Asia requires balancing and reconciliation of seemingly paradoxical practices. For businesses in the Asia Pacific region to successfully continue their progress, their leaders need to understand the Five Paradoxes of Leadership Development in Asia, and also to have the foresight to determine if their best intentions for developing top leaders may actually be hindering the leadership development process.

Leadership paradoxes differ vastly from region to region, and understanding Asian leadership paradoxes is absolutely imperative to the organization’s success. What is lacking is the very appreciation of how deeply these paradoxes extend into organizational life and how they affect leadership. Success is hinged on the organization’s ability to determine the effects of the paradoxes, and still be able to fast-track development of talents in order to fill critical senior level roles.

CCL-APAC recognizes the importance and complexity of what it truly means to accelerate leader development in Asia. Talented people are not always easy to identify and attract but are sometimes the most difficult to keep.

We have developed a wealth of research and programs that address the needs of individual leaders, teams of top performers, and critical organizational needs necessary to flourish in the hyper complex and ever-evolving Asian Economy. Leadership development is the keystone to success in Asia–because organizational success is accelerated by leadership development.

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