This blog is a resource for the development and practice of leadership in an interdependent world. We have a point of view on interdependent leadership, and the development of leadership culture, based in research and practice at the Center for Creative Leadership and in the work of our colleagues around the world.

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We hold this truth to be self-evident: The natural world, our lives, our work, and our collective well-being are interdependent. Everything is, or will be, connected. Only fluency across the boundaries will provide a clear view of the world as it really is, not as it appears through the lens of ideology and religious dogma, or as a myopic response solely to immediate need.  

– E.O. Wilson, Consilience, 1998 

Advances in technology have dismantled many of the physical boundaries that once prevented people from working together. Yet, as physical boundaries are removed, the boundaries that still exist in human relationships remain, in sharp and jagged relief. 

Against this shifting leadership landscape the enormous challenges we face—climate, war, disease, prosperity, justice—can only be solved by groups working collaboratively together. We need a new kind of leadership, one more concerned with solving big challenges for all our futures than with winning the next political battle that the other group loses. We need a declaration of interdependence. It’s already happening. In the world today there is an evolution in leadership thought. Leadership is increasingly becoming a process shared by people throughout an organization or society rather than a responsibility of just a few individuals at the top.

Leadership culture is the self-reinforcing web of beliefs and activities that produce shared direction, alignment, and commitment in an organization or collective.

– adapted from Developing Interdependent Leadership (summary here)


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