The Center for Creative Leadership comes to Hamburg, Germany, to present two of its excellent Leadership Programs. Leading for Organizational Impact and Maximizing Your Leadership Potential have proven impact, and managers, superiors and senior executives can truly benefit from these programs. In addition, we have put together a list of 6 underestimated reasons why you should attend a Leadership training in such a beautiful city as Hamburg:

  1. You know this British band? The one with the weird haircuts and who made the feminine gender scream during the 60’s? Yes I am talking about the Beatles, the one and only. Of course you know them. But did you also know that before coming to Liverpool and becoming famous for a lifetime they started in Hamburg? Now you know, you’re welcome. You should go there to check out the “Beatles Platz” and pose between Lennon, Ringo Starr, McCartney and Harrison and feel like a rockstar screaming ‘Help!’. More seriously, if the Beatles liked Hamburg why wouldn’t you?
  1. I guess now you think about Venice, London or Amsterdam. But in reality Hamburg has more bridges than all these cities combined! So if you like the romantic atmosphere of bridges, water and parks you have a reason for to visit this city! Remember that all you need is love!
  1. Talking about parks and water, Hamburg is one of the most environmentally friendly cities in Europe and even became Europe’s Green Capital in 2011! With 14% of parks you won’t be drowning into the grey limbo a city can sometimes be. Otherwise you could still visit the zoo which doesn’t have a lot of cages. Friendly tip: Beware of the elephants….they love to steal your food! Oh and yes, a walrus is also present.
  1. The Gateway to the World is another name for the Freie Hansestadt Hamburg. With the second busiest port in Europe, Hamburg’s “Hafen” is well known for having welcomed the Queen Mary a few times. A must do is of course to visit the modern Hafencity and the markets all around the Elbe river. Sorry, but no ‘Yellow Submarine’ in sight!
  1. Who says Germany says beer… I mean soccer! Beside the well-known soccer club HSV, Hamburg is also home to FC St. Pauli, the pirate’s soccer team. Same name is given to the red light district of Hamburg which includes the “Reeperbahn”, the Kiez and the famous Beatles Platz which brings us back to weird haircuts from the 60’s.
  1. Last but not least: CCL is having two leadership programs in Hamburg this fall. More information about the Maximizing your Leadership Potential and Leading for Organizational Impact programs can be found on our website Why don’t attend and stay for a week end? You would combine learning experience with German culture, personal development with relaxing walks at the Elbe. That doesn’t sound so bad right? Just be a ‘Day Tripper’.

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