What do leadership faculty do when they’re not teaching others about leadership?  They sit around their offices talking to each other about leadership!  Here’s a video of Phil Willburn and me discussing what leaders who change do differently from leaders who don’t.

The top five actions of leaders who successfully attain their behavior change goals:

  1. They choose only 1 –2 goals to work on.
  2. They make their behavior change goals public.
  3. They ask colleagues for ‘feedforward’ suggestions on their goals.
  4. They create a simple action plan to follow.
  5. They make their goals visual to remind themselves and others.

I consistently see that the more leaders apply the above steps, the more their new behaviors stick permanently. Most people follow none or only one of the above, which explains why leaders can be so motivated at the end of a program, but three months later find nothing changed. Remember, if you are in the business of helping leaders grow and develop you need to give them more than just the motivation to grow, you need to give them the process.

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