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CCL Sessions

Solutions Session

Solutions Session

Make Learning Stick: How to Get the Most Out of Your Leadership Development Initiative

Tuesday, May 23, 10:00-11:15 am

Room B316


Are you taking a closer look at “learning transfer”? Are you wondering how to make sure the skills taught through your leadership training and development efforts stick weeks, months, or years later? There is no magic wand to ensure people apply what they learn. But there are steps you can take to create leadership programs, experiences, and support systems that improve the likelihood that lessons will be learned and applied. Join us as we address the five key challenges to learning transfer, and provide a framework that can be immediately applied to strengthen your leadership development initiatives.

Education Session

Education Session

Build a Global Leadership Foundation to Drive Enterprise Results

Wednesday, May 24, 10:00-11:00 am

Room A302


Walmart partnered with CCL to design a global leadership curriculum that is adaptable to various cultures and builds in developmental opportunities amid every-day work at multiple levels of the organization. This session offers an inside look at this comprehensive, dynamic program using Walmart’s People Strategy as a foundation. Participants will look at identifying and managing risks inherent to a development program and strategies to keep a long-term program relevant. The session also explores Walmart’s commitment to ensuring measurable impact using a three-tiered evaluation approach based on evaluation, learning assessments and workplace application.

Join us at Booth 930 for these 15 minute presentations throughout the conference

Making Leadership Happen

Monday, May 22, 10:30

Wednesday, May 24, 1:00

CCL research suggests the most common definition of a “leadership problem” is a “leader problem”—a problem stemming from the person or people in charge. The quick leap to this conclusion can create tunnel vision and cause organizations to spend energy and resources to solve the wrong issue. Leadership involves more than just the person holding the leader title. It is a social process that enables individuals to work together as a cohesive group to produce collective results—results they could never achieve working as individuals. Join us to learn the three crucial outcomes created when the leadership process of a group is effective: Direction, Alignment, and Commitment

The Changing Nature of Leadership

Monday, May 22, 11:00

Tuesday, May 23, 2:15

The change in leadership includes new responsibilities, as well as a shift in approach and mindset. Often leaders find themselves performing at a -1 level because that’s the area where they are comfortable and where they excelled. It’s a great example of what got you here, won’t get you there. But what will? In this session we will share a framework that highlights the different roles of leadership and how they shift from one level of leadership to another.

Accelerate Development at the Speed of the Market: The Power of Licensing

Monday, May 22, 10:00

Monday, May 22, 2:00

Developing required leadership skills can be a very complex task: The masses of employees requiring training are increasing and constant change and the need to adapt to it can make it difficult for L&D professionals to quickly deploy leadership development required for the leaders within their organization. Licensing training content is a tool to accelerate training organizational development at the speed of the market. In this session we will provide examples of how content is used by our clients and will go through one of our ready-to-license programs.

Assessments that Matter: Move from Data to Results Faster

Tuesday, May 23, 9:45

Wednesday, May 24, 9:45

Leaders are not the same everywhere, but they are also not entirely different. By exploring assessment data, CCL has been able to uncover regional and global insights we believe can help organizations unlock the potential of their leaders. In this session, we will share top leadership trends and challenges that stand out from the analysis of over 25,000 assessment reports. We will dive into the key value of assessment for development (a field that CCL pioneered). Finally, we will show how to get from assessment data to results faster than ever.

6 Strategies for Digital Learning Success

Tuesday, May 23, 11:30

Wednesday, May 24, 11:30

All too frequently, digital learning is deployed to solve cost, quality, speed and scale issues in one swoop. The result is often a significant mismatch in expectations and outcomes. Digital learning can be truly successful if we leverage key strategies. In this session, we share strategies to be successful with many examples and use one impactful, gamified learning solution that ties all these strategies together.

Direction, Alignment, Commitment

Achieving Better Results through Leadership

Direction, alignment, and commitment (DAC for short) are what make it possible for individuals to work together willingly and effectively to realize collective achievements. When we say making leadership happen, we mean making direction, alignment, and commitment happen. In fact, we think the only way to know if leadership has happened is to look for the presence of these three outcomes.

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Achieving Better Results through Leadership

Instructions: On a scale of 1–5, indicate the extent to which each of the following statements describes the way things stand right now in the group. The terms we, our, everyone, and people in the statements refers to members of the group.

  1. Not Descriptive
  2. Slightly Descriptive
  3. Moderately Descriptive
  4. Greatly Descriptive
  5. Completely Descriptive
1. We agree on what we should be aiming to accomplish together.
2. We have a clear vision of what the group needs to achieve in the future.
3. We understand what success looks like for this group.
4. We have group goals that guide our key decisions.
5. We have group priorities that help us focus on the most important work.


6. Our work is aligned across the group.
7. Although individuals take on different tasks in the group, our combined work fits together.
8. The work of each individual is well coordinated with the work of others.
9. People who perform different roles or functions coordinate their work effectively.
10. People are clear about how their tasks fit into the work of the group.


11. People in the group are committed to the group.
12. We take responsibility for the welfare of the group.
13. We make the success of the group—not just our individual success—a priority.
14. People are dedicated to this group even when we face setbacks.
15. We put what is in the best interest of the group first.


If the you or the group identifies one or more low outcomes, you can begin exploring what factors may be contributing to these deficits.

Some criteria for deciding if an outcome is low include:

  • a total score for an outcome is noticeably lower than the total score for the other outcomes
  • a total score for an outcome is less than 20
  • 2–3 of the items used to assess an outcome are rated less than four by a majority of group members

Refer to the book Direction, Alignment, Commitment: Achieving Better Results through Leadership for additional information.


Terms & Conditions:

  1. The winner is eligible to attend an OE specialized skill or core program up to the value of Leadership Development Program (LDP), a max value of $7,300.
  2. Only programs that take place in the US are eligible.
  3. All travel and incidental expenses incurred are the responsibility of the winner. CCL will not reimburse or cover the cost of hotel, airfare, meals, transportation, or other ancillary expenses that are incurred as a result of attending the program.
  4. The winner should attend a program by December 31, 2017.