The Skills Managers Need to Be Successful

Do you feel pressure from above and blame from below? The constant tug you feel when leading from the middle of an organization can seem relentless. How do you cope with feeling pulled in every direction? Do you have the skills, competencies, and perspectives needed to lead effectively and advance your career?

Our decades of research have found that to unlock your leadership potential and make the most of the opportunities you encounter, you’ll need to excel in 3 important arenas:

  • leading yourself,
  • leading others, and
  • leading within a system

This white paper describes these 3 critical skills in more detail, plus the 6 essential competencies that mid- to senior-level managers need to succeed. These skills will enable you to manage organizational complexity, lead successfully from the middle, and advance your career.

Download this guide to learn more about the 3 critical skills that mid- to senior-level managers need to succeed.

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